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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3D Cards

My wonderful friend Pam Marsik sent me this card along with some other 3D die-cut pictures to try as I had stamped some images of a stamp for her. This card is gorgeous in real life, love the little rhinestones on the sunflower and the tag is AWESOME!

So, I tried my hand at it and think hers are much more fabulous than mine, but I can use mine for the holidays.

Romak is the name of the company so check out there site for some more info. I'll have to try the other flowers she sent me as I think they will look awesome on some cards and possibly in a frame.

On my cards below I tried my hand at Mary Jo's Lunchtime Sketch Challenge from the previous week. I opted not to add the 3 little circles as I just plain ran out of room.


stephanie said...

you know i love your cards

-other blogger

MJ said...

Wow! Those are beautiful. I will have to check them out. Thanks for playing.

Kerry said...

WOW!! Three Stunning cards!!
More Great news: I have nominated you for a well deserved award!!

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