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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Festival Table

I've been posting on here that I was busy prepping for a holiday festival benefiting our local high schools marching band.  It's a pretty big event for crafters which brings in about 500 people a year.  Mostly people come for the 17 restaurants that donate food, but some come to shop, and others to get their picture taken with Santa.

This was the first fair I had ever done, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I just hoped to sell some of my stuff.  My friend and I were sharing a booth and so we had an L-shaped set up.  We were very fortunate that we were right smack where everyone had to walk in, I mean where this picture is being taken is where they walked in to the room at.

I created cards, boxed card sets, gift card holders, caddy holders for notebooks (thanks to Lisa for the examples), post it note holders and my biggest seller, Snowman Soup (thanks Vicki for that last minute suggestion).

Hope you enjoy some of the photos.  My friend roped me into doing the local elementary school fair next weekend as well so we could try to unload what we didn't sell.  The only thing I will do differently is make more snowman soup to sell and not bring my individual cards (they didn't sell at all).  I'll be doing an additional booth at the elementary school for my Thirty-one gifts business, if you are interested in any products, I have a party open until 11/29 right now here.


Lisa Somerville said...

Looks great Kim - good luck at your next show!

Susie said...

Your stuff looks great. Love the photo of you, too.

Kristine said...

Sounds like it was a success!! :) And that you had fun too. Best wishes on your next one next week!

Kristen said...

Looks awesome kim! Your cards are so cute, what if you sold them in sets? would that go better?

margie c said...

Everything looks wonderful! Sounds like you had fun :)
It's funny how I had the opposite happen to me, all I sold was single cards, lol!
Good luck on the next one!
hugs, margie

Tina said...

Great set up my friend. Good Luck at your next show. I have to say that my individual cards did not sell at all either. Hmmm...wonder why?


Gerrie Johnnic said...

Wow, you both were really busy! Hope you made bunches of $! xxoo

Rose said...

Hey Kim, love seeing a picture of you again. Your table looks beautiful and tons of cute stuff. I see your hair is getting long again. Thanks for all your info on craft fair's.

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