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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Cards done yet?

Shutterfly has got the greatest selection of Christmas photo cards and Christmas cards this year.  I spent a good hour the other night paging through them all trying to narrow down some that would work for us this year.  I know...a cardmaker that BUYS her cards.  I'm bad, but I like to use the photos and I tend to take the easy route. 
I do a lot of ordering from Shutterfly, I'm uploading some photos right now to take advantage of their 101 photos for free today.  Great specials always going on!

So I have narrowed it down to include 4 photos on my cards and am thinking here are my top 3:

if you are looking for some other cards, here are several more links to great products they offer:

If you are anything like me and you don't feel like creating  your cards this year, let someone else do the work for you and run over to Shutterfly.  As soon as we get ours picked out and ready, I will post them.  We are hoping to have some photos taken this weekend for the cards.


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