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Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing the CSS App for Iphone

Can you say WOW??  I'm a big fan of my iphone, not sure how I ever went so long without it?

I love the apps that are offered through the iphone and am even more excited to learn of a new app that will be available February 2010.

Introducing the new CSS App:

  • The first and only app of its kind for papercrafters
  • This app features a papercrafting project a day
  • The CSS App gives you "how-to" details
  • Also provides a buying guide direct from the app if you want to recreate the project
  • Available in February 2010
Are you as excited as I am about this?  I hope you are and can't wait to hear your feedback once you have tried it!   I will provide more information on it as it becomes available to me or you can follow the info on the Clear & Simple Stamps blog.


~*~ Allison ~*~ said...


I chose you for the Happy 101 award!


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