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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog Candy Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who participated in my blog candy give away and I apologize that I didn't pull it last night, but I was out celebrating my 13th anniversary with hubby. We went out for a nice (quiet) dinner and a great movie (The Proposal). I love Sandra Bullock and she did not disappoint.

So I plugged in the numbers of all those who commented and became new subscribers and ran it through random.org and this was the result

True Random Number Generator

<<Kristine B. said...This is absolutely Gorgeous!! Wow, and what a great sketch it is too :) I will gladly post this in my "candy jar">>

Kristine, please e-mail me at khhoward at bellsouth period net with your address and your choice of a Clear & Simple Stamp set and I will get everything shipped out to you.

Thanks to everyone for following me along my stamping journey!


Stefanie said...

Congrats Kristine!

And yay that you got to see the Proposal instead of Transformers. ;)

Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, Oh my GOODNESS!! Thank you so much Kim!! :) Congrats on your 13th Anniversary! You've been almost exactly 6 months longer than I! We'll celebrate our 13th on Dec. 21st this year. :) OH, I love Sandra Bullock too, so I need to go see that movie. Will prolly have to wait though til it comes out on dvd. Anyway, THANKS AGAIN, you sweet girl!! :) Woohoo!!

Kristine said...

Ooops...I meant to say you've been "Married" but you prolly guessed that, LOL!! :) I'm just so excited I'm skipping over words! Heehee

Vicki G said...

This is a very very very cool project!!!! Congrats!!!!!

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