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Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Candy, Blog Candy, Blog Candy, OH MY!!!

Wow! I've got some fabulous friends giving away some fabulous goodies.

I think Kerry and Kristen conspired to post the same day with the same type of goodies...can you tell their friends, they probably shopped together for the stuff as well- love you gals!!!

Make sure to check guess how many chocolates are in the jar over at Kerry's blog. Boy, does that girl know my weakness!!!

After you check out Kerry's goodies, you want to head over to Kristen's where she is giving away some awesome punches (she hoards them) and an adorable stamp set.

Once you've gone and hit up those two blogs, take a little peak over at Kim's blog where she has achieved 100K hits and is giving away a bundle of stamps.

Have fun!


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