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Saturday, October 25, 2008


I come downstairs tonight to my daughter with BLACK hands, black fingerprints all over my walls, doors, door jams, desk and last but not least my WHITE Honda Accord. Yes, she had went outside and crawled over it, all across the hood, on the roof, off the back.

Not only that but she also ransacked my desk and ruined some cards I was working on last night. I'm praying I have the materials to make some more of the same cards as it was a swap I was doing.

I tell you, the supervision in the father department is zilch some days! Not every day, but some days it sure is and the last time she got ahold of something it was black marker that she drew all over our WHITE fridge and WHITE pantry door and boldly boasted how she had drawn squares on the door. Hubby said he didn't have the heart to tell her they were really rectangles.

Some days I think she should be on a leash in the backyard, she's in to anything and everything and still bouncing off the walls at 10:30 p.m. at night.

Oh, did I mention, she's not even 3 yet!!!!! I'm in so much trouble!!!! My mother told me that it's payback from my childhood. I only hope my youngest doesn't follow in all of her footsteps as right now I feel like this is a very tempermental age.

Want to share any stories with me to give me a good laugh, make me feel like I'm not alone? (I know I'm not!)

ETA: I was so irritated with my husband for letting her get in to my stamp stuff in the basement that I didn't even think to break out the camera and went immediately for the Stampin' Mist (thank God almost everything came off).


MJ said...

YIKES! Good think that Stampin Mist worked.

Lisa Somerville said...

Glad the Stampin' Mist removed the ink - good thing she didn't touch the baby too!

wendy Groszkiewicz said...

Oh, man! I'm glad you were able to clean it up...too bad you didn't get pictures! :) I know it's only funny in hindsight...

It's hard when they do stuff like that...my daughter colored on the walls with crayon last week. You don't know which to do first...get mad and clean it up, or grab a camera! If they see you taking pictures, it could reinforce their actions...but those types of pictures are great for the scrapbooks! :)

Martha said...

Wow! I've been there! Sharpie on shoes, the sofa, tv screen, toys, comforter. Then nail polish on pillows and the sofa a year later. I think she knows better now. Sofa has not recovered, I strategically arranged the bottom cushions and added some more throw pillows.

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