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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baby Announcements

I'm sorry my blog has been neglected lately. I'm trying not to be on the computer too much and have been consumed with finishing my announcements. I have about 20 more to go, but will change it up a little from what I was already doing.

Here are the ones I'm sending out. The inside has a tri-fold which I didn't photograph. On the short tri-fold side I put a picture of Finley, the middle all his birth stats, and on the right side a picture of all the kids.

The pictures I included inside (although these are the rough pictures, they were cropped and stuff before printed).
I've been enjoying my maternity leave with Finley and we're trying to finish up our Christmas shopping. I hate to stay I just started it last week!
Keep an eye out, I hope to have another card challenge posted by the end of the week.


Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness Kim, these announcements are too stinkin' cute! Love the pictures of the kids too. You did a great job!

rozie640 said...

Hi Kim: I've already told you that you make beautiful babies!!!! I am absolutely dying to get my hands on those bee stamps!!!! I think your announcement is the cutest thing I've seen since forever. Relax, new mom.

Anonymous said...

These are so cute!! Love your creations!! P.S. You've been tagged!! :)

RubberStampingDiva said...

I love your announcements! And your new little guy is pretty cute, too! (Not that other 2 aren't liquid precious!) Color me impressed that your back to stampin' already!

Vicki G said...

Adorable Pictures Kim. Really sweet announcements as well!!!!

Kelli said...

I have stumbled upon your blog a few times, and you do awesome work! Those announcements are absolutely adorable!

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