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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Going Pink for October

I am going pink for October in order to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. You can do so too by visiting this site Going Pink.

This year I started off with taking a leap of faith and signing up to do the Breast Cancer 3-Day with my neighbor. I was walking, losing weight, enjoying myself and doing a great job at my fundraising efforts. Family, friends, stamping buddies, scrapbookin' girls, and even people I had never met before offered to help.

In April (April Fools to be exact) we were happily suprised to learn I was expecting again. This came as a huge shock to us for 1. we were told we would probably never conceive without the help of fertility treatments even though I had conceived my 2nd without, 2. we weren't really trying, just merely discussing the fact that we might want a 3rd child. It's amazing what happens when you don't really think about it and even though it took me a few months to adjust to the idea of being pregnant again, I was overjoyed (2 under 2 is going to be challenging since there is a 6 yr age difference between my 1rst and 2nd).

I continued to walk with the anticipation of doing the walk even though I would be 34 weeks pregnant at the time. Everyone laughed at the thought of me doing this 3 day walk for 60 miles waddling my hiney down the streets. I tried not to let it get me down and tried to keep my spirits up.

I held a fundraiser in August with over 15 vendors donating products for my event. I was hoping to raise $500 and met and exceeded my goal at that event. I was oh so close to meeting the goal of $2200 and I was so appreciative of all that came to the event to support me.

Then came the hard fact that I more than likely was not going to be able to participate in the event. After all the hard work I had done to lobby the cause and raise money, it was so disappointing to come to the conclusion that because of my health and pregnancy problems in the past that me doing that amount of walking probably was not in the best interest of myself or our baby. So, I decided that I would not walk this year, but felt great about the money that I was able to donate to the Breast Cancer 3-Day and knowing that I helped my team captain out.

So, if you are reading this and feel so inspired to donate, please do so not to my site, but to my walking partner and team captain, she is continuing on without me (her 2nd time doing the walk) and I would love to continue to help her reach her goal of $3000. She's done so much in supporting me and although I'm sure she was disappointed that I wasn't walking, she never let it show. Donate to Tied Tight for Tatas and to the Breast Cancer 3-Day, every dollar helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Since we're talking about fundraisers for breast cancer awareness, I thought I'd jump in here and tell everyone about our October fundraiser, too:

For every new caller who uses 1-800-Free411 in October, we'll donate one dollar (up to $25K) to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. You can see all the details and get links to health information at www.free411.com/pink


blah said...

You know, it's great that you signed up to do it and there's always next year. I did the Nike Women's Marathon last October with Team in Training and it was an amazing experience. I'm walking, not running the half marathon this Sunday and really looking forward to it. I'm thinking of doing the 3 day walk at some point but I know how beat I was after 26.2 miles, I can't imagine going out and doing it 3 days in a row!

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