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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've been tagged

Wow! I see all these people who have been blog tagged by Denise and then I was told that I had been tagged. Check out Denise's site as they have some wonderful scrapbook pages on there!

So, now I get to tag 5 of my favorite blogs. I know a lot have already been tagged and I have to say that I like a ton of blogs so they are all my favorite ones!!! I figure I can tag some of my buddies from other lists ;-)

Vicki Garrett: Vicki has some awesome artwork on her site, it's one I visit every day! And she chopped all her hair off just like me!!!

Lisa Somerville: Lisa is unbelievably talented and always comes up with samples that I would have never imaged could be done! She's also a wealth of information and I had the pleasure of meeting her last month!

Stefanie Summerer: Stefanie is an incredible watercolorer! I got to watch her in action and even though I've tried the same technique she used, it didn't turn out quite as nice as hers did! She also has me addicted to Fabriano Medioevalis folded cards and Bellas!

Kerry Donovan-Casey: Kerry should be in Viet Nam by now where they are adopting a baby. She was the wonderful person who introduced me to a group of wonderful swappers and who I got the honor of hanging out with (and having a ton of fun with) in Cape Cod last month.

Leslie Brown: I've known Leslie for many years when I started with a group called GeorgiaScrappers. I branched in to SU! and Leslie was a demo who I saw a ton of wonderful samples from. She's very creative!!!

Okay, that was hard, but I really tried to do everyone that I have met personally and who's websites I visit daily!

You've been TAGGED!


Julie said...

you too. I forgot to tell you and was about to come over here to let you know.

BTW, we will be in GA next month!

Leslie D. Moore said...

Girl, I was just getting ready to tag you and saw that you have beat me to it! Thanks!

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